Our goals

Supporting organizations that fight marine litter
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Our boats and other technical equipment are made available for cleanup and research operations for net cost, today mainly operated by the NGOs In The Same Boat and Norges Miljøvernforbund.

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Sharing knowledge and experience with organizations, companies and communities is a key element in our strategy, as we believe saving the oceans require that everyone is joining forces.

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With years of experience working with PR and media production, we wish to provide high end communication tools for NGOs working against marine litter.

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Our shareholders are a combination of NGOs, companies and persons that are looking for idealistic results as much as for profit, and our common goal is to take Salt Life AS to a leading position in operational services in beach cleaning and fighting marine litter.

Watch movies and pictures about our work cleaning Norwegian beaches with the NGO In The Same Boat.

Our boats are doing logistics for the project "Levende Hav". Watch info on Facebook.