1. juni 2019

Technical Resources

Our goal is to be able to support any need for logistics, equipment, and technical assistance for beach cleaning and other work related to marine litter. Except for boats, we have microscopes and equipment for doing micro-plastic samples from the surface (FutureLab).

Our boats

70 foot sailboat with 14 berths

50 foot sailboat with 11 berths

43 foot sailboat with 8 berths

38 foot sailboat with 6 berths

Bruce class workboat, 3 boats
30-35 foot workboats, 400-600 HP, 45-50 knots, 1000-1500 kg. payload, fire fighting equipment, defibrillator.

Nemo class workboat, 4 boats
23 foot workboat, 175 HP, 38 knots, 800 kg. payload.

Dory workboat
25 foot workboat, 460 HP, 35 knots, 1500 kg. payload, firefighting equipment, hydraulic crane.

The Dinghies
3.2 meter dinghies for moving people to shallow beaches, one for each sailboat.

Dory is specially made for hard work at shallow beaches as well as moring directly on rocks. It’s big enough to carry 1500 kilos of garbage but small enough to be easy to handle in narrow bays.
Nemo is a fast boat that is perfect for moving people between hotspots for marine litter and carry the collected garbage back to base.